YouTube has an incredible variety of videos/clips on the subject of TBI. In an effort to simplify your search on what is out there, here are 3 channels I found helpful:

TBI Coach

Nathalie Kelly, the TBI Coach does a great job educating the community about TBI symptoms and challenges and  also speaks to TBI survivors on what worked for her (rest or push yourself?). Her videros range from 3 minutes to 40+ minutes long. She also encorporates text which is helpful if your audio processing is not to speed or accurate!

Cristabelle Braden

Her videos are based on offering hope to survivors and sharing her original music, check out her music videos!


Brainline is an organization that educates the community about brain injuries toward “common goals” in approaching care for those in recovery. Their channel has 3 different categories of brain injury: Kids and Traumatic Brain Injury, Military and Veteran TBI and Sports Injury TBI.


There are so many channels and videos out there! Share which ones you have found helpful below!

-I am a therapist in Anchorage, Alaska. You can learn more about me at my website. 

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