Winter Blues Biting?

Change of season is an added stressor for the TBI Survivor. Remembering where winter gear is at, having the energy to pull out winter gear…feeling intimidated by cold, ice and snow (which perhaps once was welcomed and enjoyed). Here are considerations for survivors and loved ones this season:

  1. Bundle up! Cold wintery weather can be intimidating and not particularly inviting. Here is a handy check list for a 15 minute adventure outside:
    • hat
    • mittens
    • glovescoat
    • warm sweater
    • wool socks
    • tread safe shoes/boots (for ice and snow!
  2. Tackle unfinished projects around the house (set a timer! energy conservation is paramount with TBI survivors)
  3. Yoga! There are some wonderful restorative yoga poses that truly make you feel cradled in your healing meditation. Here is a quick video demonstrating some restorative yoga poses.

    Be sure you are cleared by your medical team to engage in these activities!
  4. Learn to cook your favorite soup or stew
  5. Test your TBI healing journey and revisit a craft project and figure out where you left off and your next steps. I did this with a sweater I have been knitting (hadn’t picked it up in serveral months). If you are not crafty, explore your crafty side with something small and simple like a thank you card for someone who has helped you!
  6. Get to know yourself better through journaling, this is also a great way to reflect on progress you have made- it can be difficult to appreciate progress when you are facing continued set-backs and limitations.
  7. Reach out to a friend and ask for a visit. Sometimes family and friends are not sure how to support and will retreat assuming that is best. Reach out and let them know you need a visit!

-I am a therapist in Anchorage, Alaska. You can learn more about me at my website. 

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