Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful way to process your feelings, in a safe environment, with peers that have a common challenge. It is not uncommon for well-meaning loved ones to not have a clue about your struggles. This can augment the isolation of coping with an issue. Group therapy can be a validating and healing opportunity that compliments individual therapy. 

Group therapy is not for everyone! In an effort to protect the safety and the healing potential of group therapy, I like to speak with potential group members. In addition, potential members are asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire, this ensures all members are ready to participate in this therapy format.

Group Therapy is different than a Support Group. Both groups have their strengths and unique purposes. Support groups are often peer led, providing a safe atmosphere for folks to process challenges; while group therapy is facilitated by a licensed professional with the focus on reduction of clinical symptoms.

I am happy to provide group therapy when there is enough interest generated. If you have a group therapy topic in mind, please contact me.